Our fast, flexible, and creative financing solutions target borrowers looking for immediate approval on a secured or asset-based loan. Whether you need funding for a property that's difficult to finance, you have credit problems, you can't supply income verification, or you need quick emergency cash, we can help. We look beyond bad credit, insufficient loan-to-value, complexity of the loan, and inadequate sources of repayment.

Rapid Funding sees past the problems and focuses on the potential. We offer loans for land acquisition and development and interim financing such as bridge loans and mezzanine financing. Our clients turn to us after they've been turned away by traditional lenders. Find out more here:

This chart shows the parameters of the loan programs we offer. If you don't see what you're looking for, we may still be able to help you. Please contact us.
Loan Size $500,000 - $30,000,000
Term 6 months - 12 months
Interest Project dependent
Amortization Interest only
ˇ Commercial Real estate                 
ˇ Equipment
ˇ Assignable assets
ˇ Stocksˇ Bonds
ˇ Accounts receivable
ˇ Cash
ˇ Fine Arts
Location Nationwide
ˇ Most loans approved within 24 hours
ˇ Most loans funded within two weeks of receipt of application
ˇ Special case funding as fast as 48 hours
Loan Types
ˇ Bridge loans                 
ˇ Gap financing
ˇ Mezzanine financing
ˇ Short-term credit resolution
ˇ Emergency project rescue funds
ˇ Factoring of accounts receivable

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Loan Types

The following loans are available through Rapid Funding. It's not an all-inclusive list, however, so if you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us.
Loan Type
Development loans

ˇ To finance the development of commercial property such as shopping centers or small office buildings or industrial buildings

ˇ To finance land improvements for development of single family homes.

Acquisition loans ˇ To finance all types of commercial or residential properties or non-owner occupied residential properties
Interim financing

ˇ Bridge and mezzanine loans to provide financing during construction or rehab

ˇ Financing in conjunction with commercial banks

ˇ To supplement commercial financing when the commercial lender is unable to provide all needed financing or is unable to achieve the necessary loan to value ratio

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Loans We've Closed

Here are a few examples of the types of loans that we've closed. Please contact us with the specifics of your financing needs.


Property Type
ˇ 1st Mtg Cross-Collaterialized with residence vacant land and marketable securities in NY $13,650,000
ˇ 1st Mtg aquisition 55% loan-to-value vacant land. Aurora, CO $4,500,000
ˇ 1st Mtg non-owner occupied SFR. Rancho Santa Fe, CA $2,200,000
ˇ Land development for residential property done as a 2nd mortgage at 100% loan-to-value. Valuation based on pre-plat approval valuations. $700,000
ˇ Small independent car lot on major thoroughfare in major city leased to car dealership. $225,000
ˇ 1st mortgage on vacant land for 2nd home in a PA mountain resort area. $1,800,000
ˇ 1st mortgage on vacant land zoned for an office building on a major thoroughfare in a major city. $210,000
ˇ 1st mortgage on vacant land in established business park on major thoroughfare in small city in the Midwest. $500,000
ˇ 1st mortgage on a residence inherited by family from a deceased relative. The property required fix-up for sale. $350,000
ˇ 2nd mortgage on single-family home in middle of construction. Complications arose with the first lender. $250,000

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Rapid Funding offers asset-based financing for bridge loans, gap and mezzanine financing, short-term credit resolution, emergency project rescue funds.