Successful Fundings

Here are a few examples of the types of loans that we've closed. Please contact us with the specifics of your financing needs.

Property Type
1st Mtg Cross-Collaterialized with residence vacant land and marketable securities in NY $13,650,000
1st Mtg high-rise condo. Wisconsin $12,600,000
1st Mtg aquisition 55% loan-to-value vacant land. Aurora, CO $4,500,000
1st Mtg non-owner occupied SFR. Rancho Santa Fe, CA $2,200,000
Land development for residential property done as a 2nd mortgage at 100% loan-to-value. Valuation based on pre-plat approval valuations. $700,000
Small independent car lot on major thoroughfare in major city leased to car dealership. $225,000
1st mortgage on vacant land for 2nd home in a PA mountain resort area. $1,800,000
1st mortgage on vacant land zoned for an office building on a major thoroughfare in a major city. $210,000
1st mortgage on vacant land in established business park on major thoroughfare in small city in the Midwest. $500,000
1st mortgage on a residence inherited by family from a deceased relative. The property required fix-up for sale. $350,000
2nd mortgage on single-family home in middle of construction. Complications arose with the first lender. $250,000