About Our Loans

Our fast, flexible, and creative financing solutions target borrowers looking for immediate approval on a secured or asset-based loan. Whether you need funding for a property that's difficult to finance, you have credit problems, you can't supply income verification, or you need quick emergency cash, we can help. We look beyond bad credit, insufficient loan-to-value, complexity of the loan, and inadequate sources of repayment.

Rapid Funding sees past the problems and focuses on the potential. We offer loans for land acquisition and development and interim financing such as bridge loans and mezzanine financing. Our clients turn to us after they've been turned away by traditional lenders. Find out more here:

This chart shows the parameters of the loan programs we offer. If you don't see what you're looking for, we may still be able to help you. Please contact us.
Loan Size $1,000,000 - $30,000,000
Term 6 months - 12 months
Interest Project dependent
Amortization Interest only
 Commercial Real estate
     High rise office
     Suburban office
     Oil and Gas
     Pipeline / Transportation             
 Non-traditional Assets
     Stocks / Bonds
     Structured Settlements
 DIP Financing
 Fine Arts/Collectables
Demographics Nationwide
 Most loans approved within 24 hours
 Most loans funded within two weeks of receipt of application
 Special case funding as fast as 48 hours
Loan Types
 Bridge loans                 
 Gap financing
 Short-term credit resolution
 Emergency project rescue funds
 Factoring of accounts receivable